Effective Communicators

"Effective Communicators" conducts training for Effective Communication & Public Speaking which holds the key to building up the personality & confidence of children in order to face today’s world. No matter how intelligent a child may be, a lot of opportunity is lost due to lack of communication skills & confidence.

The training that we do for "Effective Communication & Public Speaking" deals with Proper Pronunciation, Proper Formation of sentences (grammatically), Voice Modulation, Proper Body Language, Eye Contact, Improved & Effective Vocabulary, Debating skills, Presentation skills, etc. The classes are designed for different groups, considering the Age, Ability, Understanding and Background of the child.

Every three months the parents are invited to watch their children perform on stage, speaking on different topics. These events are conducted for the children to lose stage fear & become more confident.

The children will also be trained to take part at school & inter school competitions covering Elocution, Debates, Recitation and Prose. Taking part at these competitions will develop their Personality, Confidence & Competitiveness.

The students will also be trained to attend the “Communication Skills” Examinations, conducted by “London Arts & Music Academy” in the UAE twice a year. This is a great “Motivational Tool” for the students, who get certified from London.

We have recently added “Creative Writing” to our program. This is a separate program which will enhance the students ability to be Expressive, Creative & Clear in their use of words. They will also be trained to Improve Vocabulary, Improve Handwriting & a whole lot more.

We also have a “Final Grooming” course which is specially designed for children between 15 years to 18 years. This is a 12 session course which will develop their personality and get them ready to face today’s competitive world, while covering the topics that a Parent / Teacher may find it difficult to handle.

For any further details or clarifications please contact Mrs. Cezina Dsouza on 050- 5372685 or email cezinad@gmail.com

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