The Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training is a modern education designed for prospective Montessori teachers who want to pursue a career in the field. The Montessori Diploma course takes 3 months to complete and provides prospective Montessori instructors with the necessary skills and strategies for assisting, guiding, and correcting young learners. Candidates can follow the diploma course in either online or distance mode from anywhere on the planet. As a Montessori teacher, you must be a continual guide for the children and nurture the virtues of restraint and reticence. This demonstrates the need for teachers who want to be Montessori instructors to take a professional course in Montessori teacher training because Montessori is a very effective and efficient method of teaching.


Montessori teachers who have completed Montessori Teacher Training and have a passion for teaching young children have numerous opportunities. With the fast growth of Montessori and preschools, there is a high need for trained Montessori teachers. This Diploma  offered by Cezina educational consultancy opens many doors to different work prospects, since the course seeks to provide future teachers with a strong foundation in Montessori principles, allowing them to pursue a variety of teaching careers.

The course will equip applicants with the skills and methodologies necessary to educate children aged 0 to 5 years old, preparing them to serve as Montessori teachers, early childhood practitioners, and preschool teachers. The training could be extremely beneficial to all curriculum.


  • Phase 1 : Dr. Maria Montessori – Her Philosophy and Methodology
  • Phase 2 : Exercises of Practical Life
  • Phase 3 : Sensorial
  • Phase 4 : Language and Story Telling
  • Phase 5 : Principles of Education
  • Phase 6 : Child psychology – Theories and Practice
  • Phase 7 : Mathematics in Montessori System
  • Phase 8 : Music, Movement and Art