Kinder Music Garden

“Kinder Music Garden” is a very unique Preschool program which is designed to develop all the skills in a child that are required to be ready for KG 1 & 2. This program has been proven by psychologists to be the best mode of education.

‘’Kinder Music Garden” is a fun filled program which deals with children between the age of 2 years & 5 years, carefully introducing the children to education, causing them to associate “Schooling” with “Fun”, resulting in the children enjoying the rest of their schooling life.

At the initial stage the “Fine Motor Skills” & their “Gross Motor Skills “are developed using unique techniques, exercises & educative games. They are then trained to hold pencils & crayons in a proper manner, where the grip & steadiness of their hands are developed as they perform fun filled exercises while coloring, drawing & joining dots, creating straight lines, slanting lines, curved lines etc. The children are also taken to the next level where they learn to write alphabets & numbers and then on to learning new words.

The “Kinder Music Garden” program includes a lot of creative Art & Craft, Colouring & drawing which once again develops their motor skills and creativity. “Kinder Music garden” includes “Oral” training, ensuring that the foundation is strong on pronunciation, grammatical formation of sentences etc. All the Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes etc are taught to the children using Music, Songs, Poems & Dance, a technique which has been psychologically proven to be the best mode of education as the children tend to memorize things a lot quicker and easier with this method. “Kinder Music Garden” has a unique technique of education using story telling & puppet shows in order to keep them interested & make the children understand things in a fun filled way.

“Kinder Music Garden” also trains the children to develop Discipline, Personal Hygiene & how to interact with other children their own age, they also learn how to show respect to teachers & elders.

“Kinder Music Garden” is designed in a way that the pace of education is based on the ability & understanding of each individual, to ensure that no pressure is put on the child.

“Kinder Music Garden” is designed to overall develop the child in every area that is required to be ready for school.

“Kinder Music Garden” offers a “International Teachers Training” program for individuals who would like to get into the teaching field & for those who are already teachers, but would like to enhance & improve their teaching techniques. The ““Kinder Music Garden - International Teachers Training” certificate is attested by the UAE Embassy in India, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & The Ministry of Social Affairs in the UAE.

“Kinder Music Garden” offers a package through “Auxiliary Business Consultancy” to set up new Preschools or upgrade existing ones, using the “Kinder Music Garden” program, catering to the targeted nationality / students / cliental by training the teachers & management concerned to meet the standard required for the operation.

For any further details or clarifications please contact Mrs. Cezina Dsouza on 050- 5372685 or email

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